We feel very fortunate that our daughter has been able to participate in the JK progam this year. She enjoys her classmates and teachers greatly. As Parents we are thrilled with the education and the nurturing she receives from her teachers. It is amazing to see the results. We would have never thought our daughter would be reading in JK… It’s amazing!

The small class sizes at Building Blocks are wonderful. The teachers always have time for our questions. We are grateful to have been referred to Building Blocks and are excited for our son to start their program. We enthusiastically recommend Building Blocks to anyone!

Shannon and Aimee Hayes

This is my son’s second year attending Building Blocks. When I first started Nicholas at Building Blocks, I must admit I was very nervous and had many mixed feelings about sending him to a Nursery School. Thanks to the wonderful caring staff at Building Blocks, I know I made an excellent decision, choosing this school.

I am extremely happy that Nicholas is back again this year. The JK program at Building Blocks is fantastic. In such a short time in the program Nicholas was able to sound out short words and began trying to sound out almost any word he saw.

Most importantly I know that my son is happy at Building Blocks and Nicholas’s happiness means everything to me. Nicholas has made many friends here which, for a parent, is very nice to see. I know that he is in the right hands, I can only hope once Nicholas starts elementary school that there will be teachers like the ones at Building Blocks!

Nicole White

We have had two of our children in the Building Blocks program from preschool to SK. We originally enrolled our first child because of his many allergies and because his attention was easily diverted.

The preschool program was a wonderful way to introduce your child to a school setting, training them to sit in circle times and participate in songs and games. This program is a good prerequisite for starting JK as they are already familiar with the structured class time.

JK: This has been a very successful program using Jolly Phonics to teach your child to read. As a parent I was truly amazed how quickly both of our children could grasp the phonic concepts and allow them to read 3 to 6 letter words.

SK: The children will further their skills learned in JK by learning to read and spell words far above what regular school programs offer your children. They will also learn the fundamentals of grammar such as nouns, verbs, etc.

Many of the children who go to a regular JK/SK program will often struggle entering into Grade 1. Investing in their future now will help them to succeed in years to come.

Matthew is in the SK class. His brother Joshua finished SK with us last year.

Our boys had and have an outstanding time and experience at Building Blocks. They became very mature, independent and have a willingness to strive for perfection.

They love their teachers because they know they will get a cuddle if they need it. The crafts, sing-songs and playtime are wonderful, especially the theme parties and the BIG Christmas Concert and the Graduation Concert.

The teachers are always welcoming parents to talk to them about their child’s progress and then give you good and honest advice. I am happy to have found Building Blocks through my friends and neighbours. Quality education is very important to our children’s lives.

Susan Lewis

Today, Nicholas’ Grade One teacher, who has only known him for just over two weeks, called us to tell us how he is doing and for us to have the opportunity to ask her questions about the curriculum, etc. (It seems that this is the norm now for Grade One teachers to do this.)

I mentioned to the teacher that Nicholas doesn’t share a lot of the details of what he is learning at school. She wasn’t surprised to hear this overall but was surprised that he hadn’t told us about a specific situation that happened today.

As part of their French immersion curriculum, the grade one class learns new words every week. They practice writing them and saying them very frequently with the teacher and the class. The teacher then helps them with their pronunciation. The teacher tells us that today, Nicholas successfully pronounced the words on the first try with her. She was so impressed that she made him the teacher and she told the class that if they wanted some help with their words, they could see Nicholas. Many wanted to talk to him. He sat up tall in his chair and waited until they were all quiet and then he began one word at a time. She said she could tell he was quite proud of himself. Craig and I know that we have both of you to thank for teaching him the skills that led him to be competent and comfortable to do this so quickly in the new school year at a new school with new classmates. It is truly amazing that Nicholas, the quiet child of 4 years ago, would now lead new classmates through an oral exercise in a new language so comfortably. When we asked him about it after the conversation with his teacher, he said he shrugged it off smiling. And to think I was so nervous about his transition to Grade One!!

Susan Hallsworth

When researching schools to place my son for preschool, Building Blocks came on top for many reasons. First, the teachers have many years of experience in Early Childhood Education and are very loving and nurturing – all being mothers themselves. Second, the program is structured, challenging, and creative in every class they offer. I was very happy with the preschool program that I placed my son in JK and in the future SK. I can’t tell you how impressed and proud I am that my son can read and spell all due to the one-on-one attention given in the program.

Thank you Building Blocks for making a difference in my son’s life.

Cinzia Consorti

Dear Teachers:
I would like to thank all of you for another wonderful year. Our perspective of Building Blocks this year has been very different from years past for two reasons.

One being Ella herself. She is a much more outgoing, confident and vocal personality than Matthew is. I have heard more songs, seen more actions and know more about what happens at “little School” than I ever did from Matthew.

Two, to see the effects of Building Blocks in Grade One. Matthew has really impressed us with his accomplishments in grade 1 and I have said time and again that it is all due to the great start he received from all of you.

So with that, we look forward to Ella continuing her learning with you in J.K. and know with certainty that she will impress us with her accomplishments that will be guided and supported by all of your efforts here at “little school”.

As in years past, Ella and I have made gifts for each of you to show our appreciation. I have also left a monetary gift with Mrs. Freer so she may purchase something for the J.K class.

We wish you a wonderful and relaxing summer!

Thank you.

The Westovers

Mrs. Freer,
Words cannot say how thankful we are to you and the rest of the Building Blocks staff for making Tyrell’s 4 years here a great success. Building Blocks has laid a solid foundation for him and we will continue to build on it! It’s so hard to say good-bye, but just know you will be missed!

Thanks and all the best!

Mark & Krista Campbell

To our favourite teachers:
Over the last year, I have thought a lot about what I would say to you all at the end of the year. It brings tears to my eyes! It is really hard to put on paper how happy we have been over the last eight years and how grateful we are for the time you all spent with our boys.

We brought our eldest son Nathaniel to Building Blocks in September 2001, not knowing anything about the school. We had no real expectations except for our son to be in a safe environment where he could learn and have some social interactions with his peers and a soft lap to nap on (Mrs. Sanger!). Little did we know what kind of experience we were going to have!

All three of our sons have enjoyed Building Blocks very much. The warm, caring atmosphere made them feel so comfortable; maybe a little too comfortable sometimes! Eric and I both think that our boys are better “children” because they attended Building Blocks. Nathaniel and Noah were both well-prepared for Grade 1 and academically they were both well above the norm. With Aidan there is no difference, as he enters Grade 1 he will have a set of learning tools that are well above the norm. We have all of you to thank for that!

On a personal note… thank you for taking such good care of our boys, especially Aidan. With all of his challenges, you were all a part of a “Healthy Start” for him even before he arrived into our world. We were so worried about him, but we all know he is a healthy, well-adjusted little boy, who is eager to learn and be a part of great things.

It will be strange not driving to the school three times a week next year, but you never know, you might just receive a visit from the Ocampo family sometime – so be prepared! Keep on doing the things you all do, your caring, tender attitudes are the perfect environment for these children to blossom and grow into wonderful people. I know my three boys are well on their way. Your advice has always been taken to heart and thank you for lending an ear whenever I needed it. Your school is a great place and we are all going to miss it. Nathaniel and Noah still talk about things that they did at Building Blocks.

We will have the everlasting memories, proud moments and special milestones that will always be in our hearts. Thank you Mrs. Sanger, Mrs. Freer, Mrs. Quibell, Mrs. VanderBurgt, Kamla, Mrs. McIntyre and Julie for sharing them with our family. We will miss you all.


The Ocampo Family – Eric, Carey, Nathaniel, Noah & Aidan