To our favourite teachers

To our favourite teachers:
Over the last year, I have thought a lot about what I would say to you all at the end of the year. It brings tears to my eyes! It is really hard to put on paper how happy we have been over the last eight years and how grateful we are for the time you all spent with our boys.

We brought our eldest son Nathaniel to Building Blocks in September 2001, not knowing anything about the school. We had no real expectations except for our son to be in a safe environment where he could learn and have some social interactions with his peers and a soft lap to nap on (Mrs. Sanger!). Little did we know what kind of experience we were going to have!

All three of our sons have enjoyed Building Blocks very much. The warm, caring atmosphere made them feel so comfortable; maybe a little too comfortable sometimes! Eric and I both think that our boys are better “children” because they attended Building Blocks. Nathaniel and Noah were both well-prepared for Grade 1 and academically they were both well above the norm. With Aidan there is no difference, as he enters Grade 1 he will have a set of learning tools that are well above the norm. We have all of you to thank for that!

On a personal note… thank you for taking such good care of our boys, especially Aidan. With all of his challenges, you were all a part of a “Healthy Start” for him even before he arrived into our world. We were so worried about him, but we all know he is a healthy, well-adjusted little boy, who is eager to learn and be a part of great things.

It will be strange not driving to the school three times a week next year, but you never know, you might just receive a visit from the Ocampo family sometime – so be prepared! Keep on doing the things you all do, your caring, tender attitudes are the perfect environment for these children to blossom and grow into wonderful people. I know my three boys are well on their way. Your advice has always been taken to heart and thank you for lending an ear whenever I needed it. Your school is a great place and we are all going to miss it. Nathaniel and Noah still talk about things that they did at Building Blocks.

We will have the everlasting memories, proud moments and special milestones that will always be in our hearts. Thank you Mrs. Sanger, Mrs. Freer, Mrs. Quibell, Mrs. VanderBurgt, Kamla, Mrs. McIntyre and Julie for sharing them with our family. We will miss you all.


  • August 7, 2015

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