Field Trip Policy

All persons who transport someone else’s child on a school field trip in their
vehicle must show a staff member proof of the following:

  1. Valid driver’s license.
  2. Valid car insurance certificate.
  3. Properly secured, age and size appropriate child safety seating.
  4. We highly recommend all parents drive their own children on school trips.

No person will be allowed to transport any child that is in the care of Building
Blocks Nursery School unless the above requirements are met or the parent has
given prior permission.

March 2018 Addendum: (until further instruction from Ministry of

Due to new Ministry of Education requirements Building Blocks Nursery
School requires:

  • All volunteers on field trips are to sign an Offence Declaration (OD)and/or provide a current Vulnerable Sector Check (VSC)
  • VSC must be less than five years old.
  • VSC original must be seen and a true photocopy taken and kept on file.
  • If said VSC is more than six months but less than five years have passed since the day the VSC was performed, the volunteer must also provide an Offence Declaration that addresses the period since that day.
  • Volunteers on field trips are not to be left alone with or in charge of any child/children at all times.