You feel the happiness and contentment radiating from the children

As parents, you strive to provide your children with the most positive, nurturing experience in their early years of schooling. You search for a program where your child will be recognized as a unique individual. You search for a program where teachers will teach them the basics academically as well as socially.

Building Blocks Nursery School is everything parents could dream of and much, much more. It is the teachers’ thorough understanding of young children and how they learn most effectively that sets Building Blocks apart from other schools. The teachers plan and deliver the curriculum beautifully from the Preschool program through to the Junior and Senior Kindergarten years.

As soon as you step foot into the school you feel the happiness and contentment radiating from the children, the parents and the teachers. It is a comforting feeling knowing that your children will receive the best of everything. The teachers at Building Blocks ensure that everything, from the age-appropriate learning experiences, to the nutritious snacks, to the creative arts and crafts projects, to the meaningful field trips, to the special care given to each and every child, is delivered effectively.

Watching our own children thrive at Building Blocks over the past few years has been incredible. We could not have dreamed of a more comprehensive and a finer academically-based program anywhere.

Evan attends 5 mornings per week in our JK class.

  • August 8, 2015

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