We cannot put into words our gratitude

To all of the wonderful ladies at Building Blocks Nursery School,
September 2006 was not just the first day of school for our son, it was a turning point in his life, as well as ours. It was the time we handed our special-boy over to strangers – whom through word of mouth came highly recommended. Regardless, having to part with our most valued treasure made my husband and I very nervous. Luca, our son, was and still is very attached to us; some say he’s ‘too attached’. Because of this, we felt it was time to do what was best for Luca. That meant allowing him the opportunity to spread his wings and learn how to develop the trust, in others, as well as offering him the chance to meet new friends. Initially, the transition was extremely difficult for my husband and I; but most of all, it was difficult for Luca. It was so hard, we couldn’t take seeing him in so much emotional pain, and came very close to pulling him out of school a number of times. Boy are we glad we didn’t. We all persevered, and over time, Luca began to not only like school but love it!!! And it’s all because of the dedication, and more importantly the love, wonderful women like you bring to the classroom each and every day.

The transformation in Luca over the past nine months has been truly remarkable. Family and friends have all noticed the positive change in him. Each and every one of you, in your own respective ways, have contributed to Luca’s development and growth, and for this my husband and I are truly grateful. We cannot put into words our gratitude, all we can say is thank you…… and please continue making a difference in our children’s lives – offering them the initial ‘building blocks’ to success!

Have a wonderful summer and see you in September!!!

  • August 8, 2015

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