The teachers are nurturing and kind and above all patient

It is my great pleasure to tell you about how completely satisfied our family had been with the Building Blocks program and staff. Both my children attended Building Blocks for a year of pre-school and a year of Junior Kindergarten. One of the most important things they took away with them is a love of learning and a positive attitude about school. The teachers are nurturing and kind and above all patient. They gear their instruction to the level of the child yet maintain high expectations for each student.

One of the other important things the children got from Building Blocks is a solid foundation in phonics. I feel that this is an extremely important tool which will only enhance the language arts programs they will encounter in the public school system-there’s no guarantee that letters and sounds will be taught so thoroughly at one’s local school. Both my son and daughter were enthusiastic about learning to read at Building Blocks because the staff also made it fun. My daughter is now at the stage where she is reading every sign and bill board she sees…I’ve never been so aware of all the “exits” around me. I highly recommend Building Blocks to any family with young children. There was never a day when either of my children was not excited about going to school.

Erica is in the Junior Kindergarten class and comes from Mississauga 3 afternoons a week.

  • August 8, 2015

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