His continued improvements in reading and writing is due to all the teachers

My wife and I enrolled our son Alexander at Building Blocks 2 years ago. He is now in his SK year, and the difference in his writing skills this year is nothing short of amazing (his hand writing is better than mine and he’s only 5!). I know that his continued improvements in reading and writing is due to all the teachers at Building Blocks and I thank you all for that. All of your staff take the time and attention to ensure Alexander reaches his full potential.

We recently went to a few local private schools to see what is expected from their JK/SK and Grade 1 students. We found the class sizes were twice as large as the ones at Building Blocks, and by the end of SK the students knew a lot of three-letter words that you can sound out – like “put”, or “lot”. Our son can write and spell words up to 10 letters long, including words with silent letters from memory – this blew me away as the costs for some of these schools were close to $10,000!

I feel with Alexander attending Building Blocks 5 times a week it really allowed him the time to learn as much as he can and it is also the reason he has improved so much over the past two years. I do believe that the financial cost to send Alexander to Building Blocks pales in comparison to what he has received in return.

Markus, our younger son will also be attending Building Blocks (good luck with that one, but I do expect you to achieve the same results LOL).

Once again thank you, please pass on our thanks to the staff too.

  • August 8, 2015

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