A million thanks for all the special memories

Our journey here at Building Blocks is coming to an end…thank you to everyone at Building Blocks – especially Mrs. Freer and Mrs. Sanger for a wonderful and truly memorable three years at your school.

I was searching for a program that would stimulate my child and encourage him to do his best. Building Bocks has exceeded all expectations.

Building Blocks offers a unique, outstanding program that brings out the best in every child. Your program is truly one of a kind. I went from a nervous two half-days per week, to three half-days per week, to a full five days per week – begging you to set up a grade one program.

My advice to anyone considering joining the Building Blocks program is to sign up NOW! You will have no regrets.

What do I love about Building Blocks? EVERYTHING. The daily artwork is both creative and fun. The weekly themes always amaze me with the quality of content and the amount of information that can be passed on to the children in just five short days. The teaching aids used, including the games, play equipment, toys and lending library are all excellent. The loving and nurturing environment that has been created for learning meant that I could leave my child each day knowing he was getting the best possible care. The education provided at Building Blocks is offered at such a different level from other schools. They offer a well-rounded program, which addresses both the academic and social needs of the children. The curriculum is top notch and they continually challenge the kids to work at their full potential. If ever issues arose, problems were dealt with in a creative manner and the staff always knew just the right things to say to turn challenging situations into learning lessons for the whole class. As a parent, I appreciate the genuine, sincere attitudes of the staff and the team approach to the child’s success – they were always willing to take a moment to explain the child’s progress and share their teaching techniques. It is clear that they care about the individual success of each and every student. No one gets lost in the crowd at Building Blocks.

As a parent, it has been an equally rewarding experience for me as well – the daily interaction with other parents, students and the teachers has been great and I will really miss that! I am truly grateful to have been part of this program. As we move forward to grade one, we do so knowing that Matthew is well equipped with both the academic and social skills necessary for continued success.

Words just seem so inadequate to express how truly grateful we are. A million thanks for all the special memories.

  • August 8, 2015

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